Outdoor Wedding Services

• Enjoy exclusive access to Neverland for your event – a truly VIP experience.
• Trust us with all aspects of your event – from comprehensive planning to ensuring each moment is memorable.
• Unsure about choosing vendors? We'll assist you in finding the ideal ones and coordinate everything seamlessly.
• Our dedicated Neverland team will be available to support you from start to finish, ensuring you're the center of attention.
• Enjoy the luxury of a bridal glam team and VIP transportation – arrive in style without any stress.
• We'll meticulously prepare every area to ensure the setting is exactly as you've envisioned for your special day.
• Take advantage of a complimentary rehearsal time on Friday if your wedding is on a Saturday, ensuring everything runs smoothly.
• Capture your engagement with stunning photos at our Farm, provided as a complimentary backdrop for those special moments.

Ceremony Services Included

• Coordination of the ceremony.
• Bridal carriage procession from the Bridal Cabin to the ceremony location.
• Post-ceremony carriage journey for the bride and groom.
• Designated seating signs for the immediate family members.
• Setup of barn ambiance with plants and candles.
• Oversight of decorations provided by the client.
• Coordination of music for the ceremony, whether from a CD or live performance.
• Audio support through the Wedding Barn's sound system.
• Provision of a wireless microphone for the ceremony officiant.
• Access to the Bridal Cabin for the bridal party for pre-ceremony preparation and photo opportunities, starting 3 hours before the ceremony.
• Availability of the Groom's Loft in the Wedding Barn for the groom and his attendants 2 hours before the ceremony.
• Organization and distribution of floral arrangements such as corsages and bouquets before the ceremony.

Reception Services Included

• The Reception Services Hosting Team at Neverland will take care of everything from setting up to cleaning up.
• Enjoy comprehensive catering services as detailed on the Catering Page of our website.
• We'll bring your "Garden by Candlelight" theme to life with our custom decor.
• We'll beautifully arrange your cake, memorabilia, and gift tables, complete with floral decorations.
• Vases will be provided to display the bridal party's bouquets.
• We offer both floor and tabletop easels for your use.
• We'll set up display elements and tables for any special decor items you'd like to add.
• We'll take care of displaying your favors, guest book, and other personal items, ensuring they're presented just right.
• Before you depart, we'll gather and prepare all of your items for easy collection.

Rehearsal Dinners

For over two decades, spanning 24 remarkable years, Neverland weddings have consistently basked in the glow of exceptionally positive accolades, particularly for our culinary offerings. Our commitment to culinary excellence is evident in our approach to wedding cuisine, where each dish is prepared fresh, from scratch, specifically for each wedding celebration. This dedication to quality and freshness has set us apart and forged a sterling reputation in the wedding industry.

In a deliberate effort to accommodate the growing demand and frequent requests for Rehearsal Dinner services, we have expanded our offerings. These requests have come not only from our cherished couples, who have experienced the magic of a Neverland wedding firsthand but also from couples who, while they may have chosen other venues for their wedding, still desire the unique Neverland touch for their rehearsal dinner. Recognizing the importance of these gatherings, we are now thrilled to announce that we are extending our services to include Rehearsal Dinner options on available Friday and Saturday evenings. This new service is a testament to our commitment to providing comprehensive wedding experiences and is available during our operating season, which stretches from the late days of March through the crisp mid-November period.

At the heart of our Rehearsal Dinner offering is the Neverland Base Rehearsal Dinner Package, thoughtfully designed to cater to a minimum of 50 guests, encompassing both food and beverage services. We understand that each celebration is unique, and therefore, we are more than willing to accommodate smaller gatherings, provided the minimum package requirements are met. It's important to note that Neverland isn't just a venue; it's an experience. Our venue is fully decorated and hosted, creating an enchanting atmosphere for your event. The in-house catering and alcohol service are fundamental components of our celebrations, ensuring that every aspect of your event is seamlessly integrated and reflective of Neverland's high standards.

Moreover, the exclusivity of our venue offers a level of privacy and intimacy that is hard to find in more conventional rehearsal dinner settings. This privacy allows us to create a personalized and intimate experience that truly reflects the couple's vision. Our dedicated team is eager to work closely with you to explore your unique vision for the event. We are here to assist in the planning, coordination, and execution of your rehearsal dinner, ensuring that every detail is handled with care and precision.

For those interested in learning more about what Neverland has to offer, including detailed information on pricing, services, amenities, and our specialties, we encourage you to reach out through our INQUIRY FORM. Our team is committed to providing prompt and thorough responses, ensuring that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision about your rehearsal dinner or any other aspect of your wedding celebrations at Neverland.

Special Events

Introducing an enchanting new service at Neverland Farms: Special Events that transcend the ordinary and offer a unique blend of tranquility, inspiration, and connection. Nestled amidst the lush greenery and serene landscapes of Neverland Farms, our special events service is designed to cater to a diverse array of gatherings, from rejuvenating yoga retreats to vibrant musical events and productive corporate retreats.

Imagine starting your day with a sunrise yoga session in the heart of nature, where the only sounds are the gentle rustling of leaves and the calming flow of the nearby stream. Our yoga retreats are designed to provide a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life, allowing you to reconnect with yourself and nature in a setting that promotes relaxation and mindfulness. Expert instructors will guide you through sessions tailored to all levels, ensuring a fulfilling experience for both beginners and seasoned yogis alike.
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For those who find solace in music, Neverland Farms transforms into a melodious haven, hosting an array of musical events that range from intimate acoustic sessions under the stars to lively concerts in our beautifully converted barn. The natural acoustics and rustic charm of our venue provide the perfect backdrop for unforgettable musical experiences, where every note resonates with the soul.

Corporate retreats at Neverland Farms offer a unique opportunity for teams to break away from the conventional office environment and find inspiration amidst nature. Our versatile spaces can be customized to suit a variety of corporate needs, from workshops and seminars to team-building activities and relaxation sessions. The serene surroundings and our attentive service create an ideal setting for fostering creativity, collaboration, and rejuvenation, ensuring that your team returns to work feeling motivated and invigorated.

At Neverland Farms, we believe that special events should be memorable experiences that ignite the senses, elevate the spirit, and bring people together in meaningful ways. Whether you're seeking personal growth, artistic inspiration, or stronger team dynamics, our special events service promises to deliver moments that will be cherished for years to come. Join us at Neverland Farms, where every event is an adventure into the heart of nature's splendor.