A Unique North Georgia Mountain Wedding Venue

breathtaking landscape

One hundred and twenty gorgeous mountain acres that stretch from our meandering creek beds, across the quiet valley, up the protective ridges to the top of Moon Mountain. Home to its owner and the many animals, The Farm reflects years of tender care and thoughtful development. Winding gravel roads flank lush green pastures and dense hardwood forests. Underground springs feed a lacework of small creeks that spill into two picturesque ponds. Outlining and defining every groomed inch of the property is more than three miles of split rail stacked fencing ... made of precious and enduring North Carolina Locust. Though certainly magnificent enough in her native beauty, years of master gardening have adorned the land. Hundreds upon hundreds of perennials and annuals lend their magic to every month of the season.

perfect destination

The Farm is an hour and a half from downtown Atlanta, in the midst of North Georgia’s most popular and scenic resort area. The historic towns of Dahlonega, Cleveland and Helen are a short drive away. Although there is no lodging on property, a wide selection of facilities surround us, providing excellent options to those guests wishing to turn their wedding into a weekend getaway. From dogwood season through the glory of Fall, the drive to Neverland Farms is a joy.

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precious privacy

The Farm is located more than a mile from the nearest blacktop. About the same from the nearest neighbor. Protected by the foothills of the Smoky Mountains and the Chattahoochee National Forest, our valley enjoys a quiet solitude almost non-existent today. In this rarest of settings, we host only one extremely private wedding celebration per day, and only on Saturdays and Sundays. On that day – perhaps the first in your life when you’ll be surrounded by everyone you love and who loves you - the only new faces will belong to the incredible Neverland team. A completely private celebration ... where you welcome friends and family to share your wedding in a special place you can call home for the day. Just as if it were your own.

rustic luxury

Everything here is designed to showcase Mother Nature’s magnificence, with subtle attention to comfort. Neverland’s massive rough-hewn Wedding Barn and Dan’s Hall provide huge areas under roof, while retaining open views to the land. The six restrooms – one especially large for wheelchairs, baby changing, and brides in gowns – are quaint but real in every way. During Spring and Fall chills, tall propane heaters make the Hall cozy. Open fires, conditions permitting, further add to the mood. And if rain comes, we can hold both ceremony and reception in Dan’s Hall. By the way, both the Wedding Barn and Dan’s Hall are located at the heart of the Farm ... an easy stroll from one another. Parking is a quick walk up the trail from the complex ... well lit, but out of sight - so as not to spoil the view.

kid glove service

A wedding celebration should be a joy for all. We firmly believe that an occasion as momentous as a wedding should not be subjected to the stress of tight schedules. That the day should reflect the harmony of the natural setting. Our combined service experience of more than 80 years guarantees that everyone who attends will feel at home. Cared for and appreciated. It is our goal to see to all details, and to respond to the most challenging of situations with grace and humor. Every Neverland Wedding is hosted and serviced by a team that spans an extraordinary breadth of expertise and talents. Supporting and directing an outdoor wedding requires personality, flexibility, endurance, and a whole lot of heart. We’re extremely fortunate to have an entire team of this caliber. From the moment the bride and her party arrive on property ... through the departure of the last guest – and incredible parents ... we are with you.

renowned buffets

It’s difficult not to boast about our food, especially since that’s what everyone seems to talk about. Our in-house team cooks exclusively for our weddings. We help you put together the perfect menu, purchase everything fresh and as organic as possible, and prepare your feast on the day of your wedding ... utilizing our giant smoker and rock grill. “The Best Ever Wedding Food” ... music to our ears!


hidden value

Without itemizing everything offered in the Neverland Wedding Package, it’s difficult to explain the value. Comparing Neverland to other outdoor venues is definitely not an “apples to apples” situation. We have chosen to include many expensive and unexpected services – the carriage ride being just one – in order to create an “over the top” country wedding. We provide extensive greenery, floral and candle decor throughout the site and facilities. Love is most definitely in the details at Neverland. And your special, personal touches will be the icing on the cake.

romantic ambiance

The first and last reason to choose an outdoor wedding venue is romance. At least according to our brides. Defying description, the land is gorgeous in all seasons. But there’s much more. An inspiring sense of peace. The approach of a vintage carriage, pulled by the sweet and majestic Percherons. Witnessing the sunset with your favorite people. The magic of a twinkle-lit complex in the middle of the dark woods, under star-filled skies. Or perhaps the unequaled music of rain on the tin roof late at night. The whisper of wind as it blows through the Hall.

the experience

It begins when the bride and her party arrive three hours prior to the ceremony and settle into the Bridal Cabin to relax. Tucked away in the woods, the ladies enjoy private time and refreshments before the photographer arrives to capture every priceless moment of the Bride's dressing ritual. About two hours before the ceremony the groom and his men arrive handsomely dressed, and head up to the Groom’s Loft in the Wedding Barn, where they can watch the guests arrive and calm the jitters. More candid photos! An hour prior to ceremony, the Neverland staff is greeting guests and directing traffic. Making sure everyone is at home and comfortable as they anticipate the upcoming ceremony. The Wedding Barn anchors the main garden... and welcomes guests to stroll, sit on the deck, pet horses, or rest in the breezeway. When all is ready, the guests find their way to seating in front of the Arbor... and the procession begins. Music fills the valley, and then from the West comes the carriage. There is no more beautiful or magnificent a moment.

Immediately following the ceremony, the bride and groom climb in the carriage and are off for a brief ride ... to share the first minutes of their marriage alone and in tune. The wedding party and immediate family have been asked to stay in the garden and await the couple’s return. Final formal photos take advantage of the remarkable early evening light, and the afterglow that follows every Neverland ceremony. The guests, in the meantime, are invited to head up the creekstone trail to the reception that awaits them in Dan’s Hall. Once again, our staff sees to every question and need. Music plays, the appetizer table beckons, and beverages are being poured. The crowd settles in to watch the sunset and greet the bride and groom as they make their grand entrance!

From that point on, every four to five hour Neverland reception is as individual and memorable as the wonderful people who attend. Highlights are the delicious buffet, that moment when the candle-lit cake table is rolled onto the dance floor for ceremonial cutting, and certainly when friends and family take the mic for a toast. But the true personality of each reception is a mirror reflection of the bride and groom’s newly united spirits. It’s palpable. And from there spring the memories.