"I don't even know where to start. Even just trying to think of how to encapsulate what Neverland Farms means to us feels impossible."read more...

Giulia Tassius
Oct 8, 2023

A Unique North Georgia Mountain Wedding Venue

Spanning 120 breathtaking mountain acres, this expanse extends from the gentle bends of our creek beds, through a tranquil valley, up the safeguarding ridges to Moon Mountain's summit. This land, cherished by its steward and a diverse array of wildlife, mirrors years of devoted stewardship and mindful cultivation. Serpentine gravel paths border verdant pastures and thickets of hardwoods. Subterranean springs nourish a network of streams that cascade into two scenic ponds. Encircling and accentuating every manicured portion of the estate is over three miles of fencing, meticulously constructed from the durable and esteemed North Carolina Locust wood. While the land's natural splendor is undeniable, it has been further beautified by expert landscaping. A vast collection of perennials and annuals bring a burst of color and life to each season.

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“Quickly after getting engaged, it only took one venue tour at the amazing Neverland Farms and 5 minutes with Suzy before we knew this was the place and the people for us - we confidently knew that we didn’t need to tour anywhere else. Suzy, Nora, and the Neverland team are some of the most genuine people we have ever had the pleasure of meeting"read more...

Jordan and Tim
Nov 4th, 2023

Perfect Destination

Nestled merely an hour and a half away from the vibrant pulse of Atlanta's downtown, The Farm is beautifully situated in the heart of North Georgia's acclaimed resort area, known for its scenic beauty and tranquil ambiance. This serene haven is conveniently located near the quaint and historically rich towns of Dahlonega, Cleveland, and Helen, each brimming with their own unique attractions and offering a variety of quaint day trips just a stone's throw away. While The Farm does not offer accommodations directly on its premises, the vicinity is teeming with a plethora of lodging choices. These accommodations span from charming bed and breakfasts that offer a cozy and intimate setting to more opulent resorts that provide a touch of luxury, ensuring that guests have the opportunity to extend their joyous wedding celebrations at Neverland Farms into a leisurely and memorable weekend retreat.

The journey towards Neverland Farms is in itself an enchanting experience, captivating travelers at any time of the year. As you meander through the landscape, the route is adorned with the fragile splendor of dogwood blossoms that herald the arrival of spring, transitioning into the lush, verdant greenery of the summer months, and culminating in a spectacular display of autumnal hues that paint the countryside in vibrant shades of red, orange, and yellow. This picturesque drive sets a precedent for the enchanting and magical moments that lie in wait at Neverland Farms, promising an unforgettable experience that begins the moment you set off towards this magical destination.

Rustic Luxury

At Neverland, every detail is thoughtfully crafted to highlight the natural beauty around us while ensuring comfort. The grand Wedding Barn and Dan’s Hall offer expansive sheltered spaces, merging the indoors with stunning landscape views. Our six restrooms, including one spacious enough for wheelchairs, baby-changing needs, and bridal attire, combine charm with full functionality. To ward off the chill during spring and fall, tall propane heaters warm Dan’s Hall, and open fires create an inviting ambiance when weather permits. Should it rain, both the ceremony and reception can seamlessly move to Dan’s Hall. Conveniently, the Wedding Barn and Dan’s Hall are centrally located on the Farm, a mere pleasant walk from each other. Parking is conveniently close yet discreetly placed to preserve the scenic beauty, ensuring a well-lit path that keeps the cars out of view.

The Experience

The magic starts as the bride and her entourage arrive at the secluded Bridal Cabin nestled in the woods three hours before the ceremony, creating a serene space for relaxation and refreshments. As this intimate moment unfolds, a photographer captures the timeless tradition of the bride's preparation. Meanwhile, two hours before exchanging vows, the groom and his groomsmen, dressed to the nines, retreat to the Groom’s Loft in the Wedding Barn. Here, they can observe arriving guests and ease any pre-ceremony nerves with more spontaneous snapshots.

An hour before the ceremony, Neverland's staff welcomes guests, ensuring everyone feels comfortable and well-oriented in anticipation of the festivities. The Wedding Barn, set against the main garden, invites guests to wander, mingle with the horses, or simply enjoy the tranquil setting. As the ceremony approaches, guests take their seats near the Arbor, setting the stage for the grand procession, marked by melodious tunes and the bride's majestic arrival by carriage—a pinnacle of beauty and grandeur.

Following the vows, the newlyweds embark on a private carriage ride, savoring the first moments of their union. The wedding party and family members remain in the garden for the return of the couple and the ensuing golden-hour photo session, capturing the post-ceremony glow. Guests, meanwhile, are led along the creekstone path to Dan’s Hall for the reception, where our attentive staff ensures a seamless experience. The ambiance comes alive with music, appetizers, and drinks, culminating in the sunset arrival of the newlyweds.

Each Neverland reception, lasting four to five hours, is uniquely tailored to the couple, featuring a delectable buffet, the romantic candle-lit cake cutting on the dance floor, and heartfelt toasts from loved ones. The essence of the reception reflects the couple's combined spirits, fostering an atmosphere where unforgettable memories are born.