Exclusive and In-House

We cook only for our weddings, on site, in our custom designed outdoor kitchen. And utilizing the giant smoker and rock grill. We buy the freshest ingredients available, from local suppliers, and begin preparations in the wee hours of the morning of your wedding. Our food has put us on the map!

The Team

Lead by our Executive Chef Michael ... our talented team of Chefs and Sous Chefs work their magic. Considering the fact that we only gear up to cook for a limited number of Neverland Weddings every season, having such extraordinary talent in the kitchen is a privilege. Over the years, this team's excellence has created our reputation for unexpectedly wonderful food.

No Tastings

Obviously, because we cook for one wedding at a time – and only on Saturdays and Sundays, tastings are not feasible. Tasting is a service that can only be provided by full service caterers or restaurants – where the kitchens are in operation round the clock, and year round. We are happy to provide reviews from past couples and guests.

What’s Included

Full service catering at Neverland means just that...beginning when the bridal party arrives at the Cabin, and ending when the reception is over.


  • Catering Coordination by Executive Chef & Venue Director
  • Pre & Post Event Set-up and Breakdown Team
  • Chef's Team & “Front of the House” Hospitality Team
  • Cake & Specialty Dessert Service Team

Food & Beverage Service Included in all Standard Celebration Packages

  • Sparkling & Bottled Water plus Deluxe Fruit, Meat & Cheese Tray – at the Cabin for the Bridal Party
  • Ice Water and Deluxe Meat & Cheese Tray – for the Groom's Party in Barn Loft
  • Ice Water and Warm Ginger Lemonade or Chilled Sparkling Cucumber Lemonade – for the guests while waiting at the Wedding Barn for the ceremony to begin
  • Soda Fountain, Coffee, Sweet Tea, and Ice Water – unlimited self serve for the entire reception
  • Pre-Buffet Chef-Assisted Appetizer Station – open immediately after the ceremony.
  • Buffet of your choice from menu selections (Standard Menu: 1 appetizer, 2 entrees, 1 starch, 1 vegetable, 1 salad, fresh breads & compound butters)
  • Vintage Mixed Pattern Flatware & Neverland's Ecoware

Buffet Format

We serve buffet style...with up to four identical, simultaneous 20' lines. One line for every 50 guests. We love that our food is served immediately when ready, and that our guests are not left waiting in long lines. Plated food is not only portion controlled … but a bad idea in a facility that is not climate controlled. Buffet is the luxurious way to serve!


Neverland Farms is proud to be an extremely “green” venue. The very nature of the property and facilities qualifies us. But we go all the way, by serving our food and beverages in the highest quality eco-friendly products available. Plates made of fallen palm leaves, pressed into sturdy wood-like dinnerware. Cups of degradable corn, or paper. Paper products made from Bagasse and Wheat Straw. Appetizer utensils from potato starch, bamboo, cypress, and corn. Glass is typically not allowed in the hall for drinking and eating… for the protection of our barefoot dancers. Beautiful vintage flatware is utilized for the dinner Buffet. UPGRADE EXCEPTIONS: Vintage clear bottle glass plates for buffet only. And stemware for the wine bar.

Bar & Beverages

All non-alcoholic beverages served pre-ceremony at the Wedding Barn, and throughout the reception, are self-serve and unlimited. A separate beverage station is provided for each type of beverage, so no one has to wait! You can upgrade your Fantasy Package with the addition of a 4 – 5 Hour Hosted Beer, Wine and Champagne Bar. House and premiums available.