March 30th, 2020


Hello from Neverland!  As Jon Bon Jovi says in his new song... “when u can’t do what you do, you do what you can”.

So I thought this temporary blog could help me stay in touch with my wonderful world of engaged couples anticipating their Neverland weddings coming up later this year or next. And with the many couples visiting the venue on line for the first time.  

Like you... my team and I are isolating. I know you and all those you love are doing the same. I also know that you, like me, are finding moments to laugh. And love.  

My focus... while "socially distancing" here at The Farm... is to make sure that the gorgeous landscape is tended to with the same care it’s enjoyed for twenty years. Please know that the Neverland magic is alive and well.   

I will check in regularly as we move steadily toward a return to our regular lives. Wishing you continued health and sweet dreams about your upcoming wedding!  

Suzy Tebor
Owner/Neverland Farms