July 18th, 2020


Hello from Neverland!   We are looking forward to celebrating with our couples beginning in August.  Couples have had to rethink, adjust, and adapt to existing in a COVID world …but amazing positive attitudes and flexibility has helped to keep dreams alive.  We will welcome them and their guests to our haven in the Mountains for a day of joy and memories.   A day to breathe, and to be nourished by Mother Nature…and each other. 

As the venue has prepared by adopting all recommended safety precautions, we have realized more than ever how this unique venue – by its very design and operation – can meet huge challenges.  The expanse of the property, the size of the Barn and Hall, the outdoor ceremony site, the open design of the facilities … all contribute to “distancing” and the flow of fresh air.  Our multi-line buffet capability will enable us to serve our famous food quickly, as always.  The fact that outside vendors are very limited – due to the services we perform in house – reduces traffic in and out of the venue.  And because we host only two weddings per week – on the weekend – the property gets to rest during the week … with only our team caring for the zillion plants and extensive grounds. Cleaning the entire venue between weekends is a normal and essential part of our routine. 

If you are visiting our website in search of your dream place for a 2021 or 2022 wedding … the advantages that Neverland is providing for this Fall’s weddings should give you great confidence if you decide to celebrate at The Farm.  I invite you to study the website carefully, then please submit the InquiryForm.   I will follow up with a great deal of photography and video to enjoy, and our very detailed information ,  Our twenty years experience, the creative design of the facilities, and an operation focused on hospitality and excellence … will be yours if you decide that your heart lies at Neverland!  

I sincerely hope that you and yours are successfully navigating these challenging days … doing everything in your power to keep yourself and others safe. By listening to our individual common sense and instincts … we will move through to easier days.

Thank you for taking the time to check us out!
Best always, Suzy